Hockey NW Worksheet


-- Promote Hockey culture and sport in the Pacific Northwest area by producing and marketing a destination site for hockey fans in the northwest

-- Provide advanced web design & hosting services for major teams in the area

-- Market "deluxe" products & services to minor hockey teams to increase excitement

-- Earn increased revenues for Major teams by cross-marketing tickets, jerseys & packages to a wider, regional audience

-- Build a duplicable model of creating and promoting a virtual community

What it will be:

The Hockey NW web site will be a state-of the art, "no-holds-barred" database driven, graphically involved and designed to provide a total user experience including:

-- information and statistics for every player on participating teams,

-- ticket purchasing, as well as tour packages including transportation, tickets and accommodations

-- instructional videos about hockey, penalties, fundamentals, highlights

-- "home pages" for each participating teams including schedules, pictures, "custom" hockey cards

-- fantasy leagues, modifying the popular on-line models to create a game using all players from participating teams, regardless of league or level

-- web-based e.mail checker so participating teams members can check e.mail from any browser

-- refreshing"almost real-time" scoresheet with scores from various games

highlight clips from games as possible

-- custom hockey card creation and other fun

-- live game radio broadcasts

-- editorial articles and breakdowns

-- guestbook, message board

-- fan home pages, including preparing graphics and instructions for fans to make a page

-- seating charts and maps to various arenas

Who is the audience:

Hockey fans cross-pollinated from various regional fan bases, especially grassroots support as in minor hockey, recreational leagues as well as international players' families & fans. This will be a valuable piece of marketing data for teams looking to expand market and reach new audiences.

Revenue Streams:

-- Affiliate programs (partner with on-line hockey gear and accessory sellers, collect commission from sales)

-- Banner ads (sell advertising to various companies who stand to benefit from this audience) (ideas include: hotels,

-- Teams jerseys and accessories sales (fulfilled by team, proceeds split with HNW & teams)

-- Corporate sponsors (potential corporate sponsors include: Nike/Bauer, Koho, Jofa, US In-line, Orca-bay, IBM, )

-- Web design/hosting/promotion packages to teams (web site hosting, custom design)

-- Complete promo packages for minor teams including team photos, individual photos, web sites, score and statistics tracking, logo design, jersey design etc.

-- In-kind contributions from major teams (board advertising, tickets for promotion)

Required from Major participants ( Sabercats, T'birds, Canucks, Winterhawks, Americans, Cougars, etc.)

-- board & program advertising

-- access to press/photo time with team

cooperation and interaction with art/marketing departments

-- consulation of needs (broadcast streaming, ticket selling schemes)