New Podcasts Now Available!   "Choogle On with Uncle Weed," sound-seeing tours around Vancouver, "Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast" with Olympia music and chit chat with Cosmo, and "Postcards from Gravelly Beach" with literature from the Russians to the beats.

Essential Reading (.pdf)

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Letters from Russia - war & love discourse

Uncle Weed's Red rock Adventure

Shoebox - short stories


Hot springs & Stubbed Toe - haiku collection

4 Haibun For You - more Japanese verse

Essays & Discourse

Hemp Culture in Japan - complete with pics

Workplace Drug Testing - privacy law issues

Drug Court - observations on rehabilitative justice

Extradition of Military Service Evaders - 'yes & no' arguments

Practical Guide to Cannabis - bills, reports, history & more

Sites & Projects

Taima.org - Hemp in Japan

HempenRoad film project

Giggling Piglet  project umbrella

Hemplobby.org - protect & promote

Zhonka Broadband - DSL ISP for Wa.

Hockeynw.com - links etc.

Olsonboys - site for brothers


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Podcast mania

"Urban Vancouver" podcast - Blog - Feed - Notes, observations, snapshots, and recording from activities out n' about in Vancouver, BC including wellness, saving trees, international festivals, bicycles, hemp and art.
Save the Cedars - plant a seedling
photo J. Tilson

Canucks Outsider hockey podcast and blog - Updates and discourse on the National Hockey League's Vancouver Canucks from a fan's perspective - plus news about other Northwest and NHL teams. A special hello to Canucks fans far and wide in foreign lands.  Thanks to legendary Vancouver rockers DOA for tunes.

Canucks Outsider

See also:
SLC 2002 - Flashback Journal, photos and narrative at 2010 Daily Vancouver

Choogle on with Uncle Weed podcast - Feed - iTunes - Blog - Podcast featuring Uncle Weed on random sound-seeing adventures around Vancouver and the great northwest Cascadia area with occasionally zany, often serious and usually odd anecdotes and observations about ganja, transportation, economics, architecture, entrepreneurship and scoring herb and lots of cannabis inspired hi-jinks and discussion of hemp history and public policy. 

Bread bakes Uncle Weed

Choogle on with Uncle Weed
Hear the Uncle Weed promo on Adam Curry's noteworthy podcast, The Daily Source Code (feed) - Direct download of episode # 271 - Thanks Adam!  This hoot is for you!

Olympic Outsider - Blog and Podcast - Feed

- Episode 6 (m4a) - Wrapping up Hockey Tournament with Dan Funboy (or mp3) - 3/01/06 25:46
- Episode 5 (m4a) - Multi-sport wrap up of Winter Olympics XX P.1 (or mp3) - 2/28/06 38:18
- Episode 4 - Quarter-final Hockey Predictions with Toadler - 2/21/06 10:14
- Episode 3 (m4a) - Coffee Talk with Gold Medalist Ross Rebagliati (or mp3) - 2/20/06 18:44
- Episode 2 - Canadian Men Open With Win! - 2/15/06 9:45
- Episode 1 - The First Few Days - with Mark Sommer - 2/14/06 51:11

"Postcards from Gravelly Beach"FeediTunes - Blog - Podcast featuring Dave O reading literary stalwarts - from Russians to beats - along with smatterings from original works, backed by an eclectic assortment of music.

Postcards from Gravelly Beach
photo/remix b rees
Reading Tolstoy in Manzanita
Postcards from Gravelly Beach

Clubside Breakfast Time podcast featuring Cosmo G. Spacely and sometimes Uncleweed chatting about Olympia music, news, tasty food and miscellaneous sundry topics at Olympia's Clubside Cafe or other downtown locales.

Dave at the Clubside making a podcast

"Outlaw is a codename for drunkard... 'can't just say we're drunken country... Its drinking country" - Uncle Weed from "Clubside Breakfast Time" Podcast
Episode #20, featuring Old Hank by Rodeo Kill

Recent Guest appearances
Roland Tanglao's blog - brief video interview at Darren Barefoots' Election night hoe-down
Krug and Scales Show - a test vCast coming from Deep Cove - I talk about hockey (specifically the forthcoming Canucks vs. Habs game)
Krug and Scales Show - a random vCast coming from Deep Cove about KK's Trophies and Cleansing
RadioZoom - episode #062 in which i ponificate on herbal remedies and Canadian Federal election

Podcasts to enjoy

Chillaxin Podcast Synd.
Clubside Breakfast Time
The Pudcast

Dopefiend.co.uk - iTunes
Home of DopeFiend, Queer Ninja, Lefty and Zandor

BicycleMark's Communique
CBC Radio3
Radio Zoom
Daily Breakfast
Sens Underground
The Crazy Canucks

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